The EcoCoolBox is the environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional EPS box (tempex / styrofoam) when it comes to protecting and transporting products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

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For dry ice applications for temperatures ranges of -70C / -20C or extended ambient 2C / 8C temperature profiles. Qualified for life science cold chain logistics

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The IcePackEco is a gelpack based on paper. This innovative product is delivered as a non-hydrated, flat and dry gel pack which saves on transport and storage costs.

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The EcoCoolBox is an environmentally friendly and affordable packaging, made from fully recyclable material. The concept of cardboard fibers packed in filter paper is suitable use as impact protection and temperature control.

We are constantly developing and testing new solutions.

The EcoCoolBag is a flexible insulation package that protects products against temperature influences.
In our R&D centre, we create new sustainable insulated packaging products and continue to improve our existing products.
Production line
We are also continuing to develop the production line for our environmentally friendly insulation packaging. Thermologistics Group can provide these production lines.

Innovative and circular


Our environmentally friendly products are designed for the protection of, among other things, fresh and frozen food products, meals, medicines, flowers and plants.