Thermologistics Group is a young and innovative company that develops environmentaly friendly alternatives for plastic based insulation packaging.

A smart combination

The basic idea

The basic idea to start working with paper fibers came quickly. The development of the concept and the testing still took several years.

Step by step we designed a new and unique product. The EcoCoolBox.

A young and innovative company

Thermologistics Group

Thermologistics Group is a young and innovative company that has set itself the goal of devising environmentally friendly alternatives to replace plastic insulation packaging.


The ambition is enormous: to replace all plastic insulation products worldwide with paper-based alternatives. Thermologistics Group stands for innovation and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Product updates and developments

Latest news

EcoCoolBox demonteren...


De milieuvriendelijke EcoCoolBox wordt 100% elektrisch getransporteerd...

News and developments

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